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Buckingham Greenery provides interior landscape consultations, specifications and design for all types of commercial space.

The image a company projects is as unique as the business it provides. We take special care with our indoor landscaping services to create an environment that is visually stunning while considering special interior conditions such as proper lighting, foot-traffic flow, temperature, humidity and overall design.  We will gladly work from your blueprints, work with your designer or architect, or work directly with you to develop a plantscape that will enhance your overall design concept while maximizing the impact of your space. 

Buckingham Greenery will work with you to bring your unique commercial workplace alive with the natural living beauty of plants. With 30 years of experience in the interior landscape design industry, it is our commitment to help you select the most appropriate plants for new interior locations so that the space will not only look beautiful, compliment the interior design and be environmentally beneficial yet also thrive and be healthy for many years to come with our service.

Here is our list of some of the best interior plants for office space.

Click on the images in the gallery below to zoom in on these great interior plants.

install_7-22-12 Install_7-22-12_2

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James (and everyone at Buckingham Greenery) - Thanks so much for participating in this year's Pets on Parade! Perry Winkle was absolutely gorgeous! Our evening was a tremendous success & we really rely on all of the support from our community. Thanks so much for the gorgeous donation!

Love, Everyone at FETCH a Cure

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Guide to Choosing the Best Interior Landscaping Service

Are you looking for a new Interior Landscaping Service for your commercial office space?  Download this checklist to help you compare the Interior Landscapers in your area to be sure you are getting the best service available. 

Did you know?

grape-ivy English and Grape Ivy (pictured) soak up benzene, a chemical emitted from paper products and office equipment that can slow your thinking.

Buckingham Greenery is a small, woman and minority owned business