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Planning space for plants is only the first step.  You have much work to do when taking your company's vision and turning it into the reality of a building or work space and maintaining it.


Beautiful buildingsFind the best look for your building's interior with plants and service from Buckingham Greenery.

Bring life and health to your building.. Go Green!

Maintaining an attractive, healthy workplace environment in your building is just one of the million things you do everyday. You know beautiful, live, green plants is the way to go, but you don't have time and you don't know which plants look good and thrive indoors. Wouldn't it be great if there was an interior landscaping, plantscaping firm who knows your time is valuable, who will take ownership of issues and resolve them quickly? A vendor knowledgeable in interior plants, one who can create warm, hospitable, healthy workplaces and then maintain those plants is exactly what you need

Responsive, responsible interior landscaping, plantscaping vendor

Your perfect interior plant vendor would take just one phone call, track the problem, dispatch a Horticultural Service technician, and resolve it quickly so you can focus on other issues. They would have the training and staff to handle all your live green plant care, the systems to track even the tiniest issue, and be the one vendor you knew you can rely on. Well you've just described Buckingham Greenery.

Cost-conscious, team-oriented Horticultural Service technicians and Installation Technicians

Our entire staff is thinking about efficiency and lower costs every day as we practice the LEAN philosophy without sacrificing quality. You get a genuine team when you have our Horticultural Service technicians, customer support staff and greenhouse workers take care of everything for you. You're never far away from one of our multiple locations, we have a large inventory of plants to best fit your environment, and we know how to help you go green beautifully and within budget.

You can count on the lean, Buckingham Green Team

Beautify your building's interior with live green plants, keep them looking great with our expert care, and count on our customer service to keep you and your people happy. Contact us now to get started.

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Did you know?

DYK5 Live plants may decrease sore throats by up to 30%.

Buckingham Greenery is a small, woman and minority owned business