Nothing brightens the holiday season like a live poinsettia!

What says Christmas like bright red poinsettias brightening up your office space?  Not only do they bring the Christmas spirit into your workplace, but they also act as air purifiers just as your other green plants (known to best remove formaldehyde and xylene from the surrounding atmosphere).  

Order 1, order 100! From 4 inch pots to 10 inch pots, we have the perfect poinsettia for your office.  Print out our order form and fax, mail or email it back to us and we will contact you immediately to confirm your order.* 

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*Watering poinsettias is only available to customers with an existing Horticultural Service Contract.  Poinsettias may require additional watering by client between our weekly service visits. There is no guarantee on the poinsettias.

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Order Your Pointsettias for a 10% Discount 15 August 2013, 22.55 Connie Hom
Order Your Pointsettias for a 10% Discount
Order your pointsettias for a 10% discount....
Go Red for Women 2013-2014! 15 August 2013, 16.50 Connie Hom
Go Red for Women 2013-2014!
Connie Hom is serving as a Circle of Red Co-Chair for the American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women" 2013-2014 campaign. ...

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Professional Skill Testimonial

Skillful pilots gain a reputation maneuvering machines through both tranquil weather conditions and raging thunder-storms. Each situation requires a different approach, but a successful landing is always the ultimate goal. Companies like Buckingham Greenery enable organizations to manage traffic patterns with professional skill. Any company that hires Buckingham Greenery will defy gravity and successfully land time after time, no matter what the weather.  I just want to let you know how thrilled I am with your company and your quick response. The flowers look great and are even here a day early. Tell your team I really appreciate everything you all do and let them know what a great job they are doing!

Mike Ewers, Director of Engineering, Omni Richmond Hotel


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DYK13 Office plants contribute to employee retention.

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