Interior Landscaping Design

We believe the image a company projects is as unique as the business it provides. Buckingham Greenery offers interior landscape consultations, specifications, and design for all types of commercial space.

The Details

In good interior landscaping design, details are important. When designing the plantscape, we consider all special conditions, such as proper lighting, foot-traffic flow, temperature, and humidity. After these considerations, we determine which plant types, colors, and decorative containers evoke the feel of the overall design you have in mind. The little details make all the difference.

The Process

The Sales and Design Consultants at Buckingham Greenery work with you throughout the entire design process, from the blueprints to the finishing touches. You can rely on us to find plants that best suit the space you are designing as well as fit within your budget. We will gladly work from your blueprints, work with your designer or architect, or work directly with you to develop a plantscape that will enhance your overall design concept while maximizing the impact of your space.
Reach out to us for an interior landscaping consultation today!

The Expertise

With 38 years of experience in the interior landscape design industry, it is our commitment to help you select the most appropriate plants for new indoor spaces. We know plants, so the space will not only look beautiful but will also compliment the interior design and be environmentally beneficial. Your plantscape will thrive for many years to come with our service.