The Greener, the Better.

At Buckingham Greenery, we love to partner with other professionals and businesses. We understand that each industry has specific needs and that plants benefit them in different ways. Thus, we cater to interior designers, property managers, and office managers, among others and invite you to learn more about why you should incorporate live plants in your spaces.

Facility & Building Managers

Healthy Environments
Live plants improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide, pollutants, and dust levels. Keeping your environment healthy makes building maintenance easier.
Utilities Efficiency
Plants exchange water with the surroundings, increasing the humidity and decreasing the temperature. This provides the added benefit of reducing air conditioning energy costs.
Increased Value
With a healthier building and lower maintenance costs, your building's value increases. Ultimately, live plants improve the longevity of the building.
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Office & HR Managers

Reduced Stress & Employee Retention
Live plants lower stress and anxiety levels in the workplace, especially because of the calming effects of shades of green. Employees feel more relaxed in a greener environment, increasing employee satisfaction. Thus, live plants contribute to employee longevity.
Noise Reduction
Background noise in any building can be problematic, from light chatter to noise from roads outside. Live plants absorb or deflect noise, fostering a quieter environment and improving concentration.
Health & Increased Productivity
Plants improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide, certain pollutants, and dust levels. As a result, employees feel healthier, their risk of becoming sickk as well as the rate of absence, is lower. Studies show that happier, healthier employees have better focus and get more work done.
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Real Estate & Property Managers

Welcoming Impressions
When you show a property, visual appeal is important. Plants enhance the first impression you make by giving spaces a brighter, more pleasant, and welcoming feel.
Focal Point & Scale
Plants can fill empty space and draw one’s eye to an area you want to emphasize. They also allow property-buyers to get a sense of how big a room is, giving them a better idea of what they can do with the space.
Living Spaces
When showing a property, you don’t want the space to look stagnant; you want it to look lived in. Live plants provide that sense of life because they are cared for and nurtured.
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Interior Designers & Architects

Warm & Inviting
Live plants provide a warm, hospitable environment. They invite people to live and work in that space through their visual appeal.
Color & Ambience
Colorful plants provide visual impact and interest. Plants come in a variety of shades—greens, reds, purples, and even variegated colors. Different combinations of plant type and color exude a unique feel, experience, or style.
Visual Depth & Definition
For open-concept designs, plants define spaces by breaking up rooms into smaller, cozier sections. Thus, a large room has more depth, providing each defined space with a particular purpose.
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